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Voicing thoughts from small organizations in BC (October 26 – 30, 2009)

Michelle Gauthier, VP of Public Policy & Outreach & Brenda Cameron Couch, Director of Outreach

Michelle Gauthier and I were also able to meet with a group from smaller organizations while in Vancouver. Many thanks to Kathleen Speakman from the BC Centre for Sustainability for extending the invitations and Colleen Kelly from Vantage Point (formerly Volunteer Vancouver) for hosting.

We want to ensure that smaller organizations have an opportunity to provide input into the strategy and know that it is often difficult for some organizations to participate. We appreciate those who meet with us.

In this session, the issue of the sector underselling itself and our “charity” roots came up. One participant said that they were positioning themselves as a social profit organization and asking for investors, not donors. Very innovative! Is this a language shift that we need?

The suggestion was made that consideration to providing funding for smaller organizations to participate in the regional and pan-Canadian events should be taken into account when budgeting for events.

On the issue of social media, reference was made to an article Online Tactics and Success: An Examination of the Obama for America New Media Campaign. Are there some lessons for the sector from the Obama campaign approach?



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