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Five Good Ideas: Practical Strategies for Non-Profit Success

During the National Summit participants received information about a new book, Five Good Ideas, Practical strategies for Non-Profit Success.  I recently finished it and would highly recommend it (read an excerpt). The Editors, Alan Broadbent and Ratna Omidvar of the Maytree Foundation in Toronto,  pulled together 35 contributors on topics including leadership, organizational effectiveness, human … Continue reading

Elections are a time to engage and give voice to issues affecting charities and nonprofits!

The election is underway. I am writing to you today in the most unpartisan way to say that this election should be seen as an opportunity for the charitable and nonprofit sector to get out there and engage with candidates from all parties. The election provides a chance for many charities and nonprofits to give … Continue reading

L’élection, une belle occasion pour le secteur des OSBL de s’impliquer dans le processus électoral

Nous voilà repartis en élections! Je vous écris aujourd’hui d’une manière tout-à-fait non-partisane pour vous signaler que cette élection représente une belle occasion pour le secteur des OSBL de s’impliquer dans le processus électoral et de faire le contact avec les candidats et candidates de tous les partis politiques. Les élections sont un moment privilégié … Continue reading

Exhausting and Exhilarating…

…is how we describe the last 7 months criss-crossing the country: 12 provinces and territories, 750 organizations, Meeting over a thousand of you (which means over 4,000 dots!) Your input and ideas = priceless! We clearly heard that people do see themselves as part of the Sector and that there are a number of common … Continue reading

The Sector & Government stronger together in BC

Following up on Brenda’s post, as part of ‘Sector Week’ in Vancouver, I attended the GNPI (Government Non-Profit Initiative) Summit. This was the third annual Summit and it was very clear to me that a lot of progress is being made in BC with regard to relationships between government and the sector. While GNPI has … Continue reading

BC Sector comes together in Vancouver (Nov. 18, 2010)

The BC Forum was held as part of ‘Sector week” (my phrase) in Vancouver in November. A number of events used the opportunity to convene using the same venue and providing opportunities for people to participate in one or several of the offerings. A sold out crowd form across the province and sub-sectors came together … Continue reading

Grâce à l’action : premier supplément en vedette dans L’actualité!

Notre premier cahier sur la philanthropie a été publié dans l’actualité (numéro du 1er décembre). Je suis très heureux du résultat. C’est encore modeste, j’en conviens,  mais c’est un bon début. C’est une première initiative avec le magazine et j’ai bon espoir que nous pourrons continuer ce partenariat pour rehausser l’importance du don au Québec … Continue reading

National Philanthropy Day 2010 / Journée nationale de la philanthropie 2010

November 15th is National Philanthropy Day! This special day recognizes the philanthropic contributions to our Canadian communities and abroad. Join us in celebrating the incredible philanthropic achievements by the many individuals and organizations that contribute to stronger communities.See the Association of Fundraising Professionals supplementin the Globe and Mail for more.Our most recent Maclean’s supplement Time … Continue reading

The week the Sector came to Vancouver

We have heard a number of times, the suggestion that the Sector should shut down for a few days and then people would understand our impact. I don’t think that is the intent in BC, but many sector leaders will be gathering in Vancouver this week (November 15 to19) for a flurry of meetings! To … Continue reading

Nova Scotia Announces new $800,000 program to support nonprofit sector

At the Nova Scotia Forum on November 4th, Marilyn More, Minister of the Voluntary Sector and Labour and Workforce Development announced an $800,000 Voluntary Sector Professional Improvement Initiative to help nonprofit organizations better address their human resource needs. “We know that Nova Scotians benefit each day from the volunteers who selflessly work in our communities,” … Continue reading

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